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Perfect Supplements is a family-owned company that uses the most nutrient dense, minimally processed, ethically & sustainably sourced, all natural superfood ingredients

in their products. Every batch is lab tested and certified.

Their products are always free of toxic pesticides, and their superfoods are only sourced from humanely raised animals; grass-fed, pastured, and free-range. Perfect Supplements only supports ethical and Fair Trade practices; supporting farmers, harvesters, and their communities.

Some of my favorite products are the Dessicated Liver, Bone Broth Powder, Plant Protein Powder, Collagen Powder, MCT Oil, 

and Multi-Organs.

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your entire order.




Herbal Roots is a family-owned company sharing their passion for herbal supplements and home remedies. They created a line of supplements that are 100% pure, whole herb without unnecessary ingredients such as fillers, sugars, additives, and binders. Sustainable wellness practices and producing the highest quality products are their main focus.

My favorite Herbal Roots supplement is the Whole Bulb Garlic. It is nothing but fresh pure garlic which is important for maintaining its key health benefits as opposed to processed odorless garlic.

Shop all Herbal Roots whole herb supplements below!




For 30  years, Young Living has been the world leader in essential oils along with offering unique food-sourced supplements and other plant-based products. Their Seed to Seal quality commitment serves our planet and ensures the highest quality standards. 

Gary Young, who was also a naturopath, discovered that when essential oils were added to supplements, it increased bioavailability (nutrient absorption in cells) by 70-80%. This is why nearly all of Young Living's supplements are infused with essential oils. 

Some of my favorite products are Mineral Essence, ImmuPro, Super C, NingXia Red, Inner Defense, and AlkaLime.

To unlock wholesale pricing on all products, simply place a 100 PV order or add at least one item to Loyalty Rewards which is a monthly subscription with perks! Once you place your order, you will receive a free gift package from me!

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Brain-directed supplements from the world's leading neuroscientist, Dr. Daniel Amen. 

BrainMD supplements are formulated with clinically-researched ingredients in scientifically determined dosages using quality ingredients and raw materials from trusted suppliers. BrainMD strives for optimal absorption, bioavailability, tolerability, and long-term safety.

Wondering where to start? Take the 5-minute brain quiz to find out your brain type! 

A few of my favorite supplements are Calm My Brain, L-Theanine Gummies, and Magnesium Chewables.

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